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Services to fit your needs.

Share (Savings) Account

This is the primary share (savings) account for all members. There is a $25.00 minimum balance required to remain active. Dividends are based on the average daily balance in your Share account and are paid quarterly. Check our rate sheet for current rates.

Money Market Accounts

Money Market accounts not only pay a higher interest rate, they also provide protection for you money and are easy to use. This account requires a minimum balance of $5000.00 in order to earn dividends. Dividends are based on the average daily balance and are paid monthly. Withdrawals are limited to three per month. Check our rate sheet for current rates.

Holiday Club Accounts

Make your holiday brighter by saving for that special time of year. This is a great way to save for the holidays. Dividends are compounded and paid monthly. In November of each year funds are transferred to your account so you can get a jump on your shopping. Check our rate sheet for current rates.

Savings Accounts, Club Accounts, and Online Banking allow you to do more!

Share Certificates

Can help you lock in a higher interest rate over a specified period of time. We offer share certificates to our members at competitive rates with a minimal starting deposit amount. Terms range from 6 months to 12 months. Check our rate sheet for current rates.

Draft (Checking) Accounts

A personal checking account is one of the most important tools you have when it comes to managing your finances. Mt. Rainier FCU is committed to ensuring our free checking accounts feature services and benefits designed to save time and simplify your financial concerns. We offer FREE checking accounts with no minimum balance required, no monthly fees and an overdraft protection linked to your Shares account.


MRFCU offers a variety of loans, with competitive interest rates, developed to meet the financial needs of our members.

Visa Check Cards

Our VISA Check Card allows members to make purchases from their Draft account without writing out a check. Use the card where the STAR, PLUS, or VISA logo are displayed. Retail purchases may be debit (pin) or signed transactions. The VISA Check Card can also be used to withdraw funds, at an ATM machine, from either your Share or Draft account.

Online Banking

Our Free online banking allows you to watch your money on a daily basis. By keeping close tabs on your funds, you'll always be aware of what's happening in your bank account. It's also helpful to watch how much interest you're gathering on investments and savings or what service charges you have incurred. You can check for deposits and/or withdrawals, do transfers or make loan payments. You can also do loan advances on your Line of Credit.

Online Bill Pay

Online bill pay can virtually eliminate errors, making the management of your debt that much easier. And it is a much faster payment method than mailing checks. The Credit Union offers online Bill Pay for free. If you currently have a checking account or would like to open a checking account, you are eligible to sign up for free online Bill Pay. This product allows you to pay your bills, online, without having to write a check.


More secure than paper statements - Faster delivery with easy access - Helps keep you organized Sign up for E- Statements and help reduce your risk of identity theft. Access your statement securely through your Home Banking account with no additional passwords.

Email Notification

Our instant email notifications keeps you informed about activity on your account.

Mobile Banking

Allows you to a variety of tasks on the go, without having to make a special trip to the Credit Union.

Gap Insurance

The Credit Union offers a great product called Gap Insurance. If you are purchasing a new vehicle and it ever becomes “totaled” in an accident or is stolen and not recovered, Gap Insurance pays the difference between the Actual Cash Value of your vehicle, determined by your primary insurance company, and the unpaid loan balance.

Other Services

Direct deposit
Automatic payments
Wire transfers
Payroll deduction
Overdraft protection
Notary public services